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You we needed a product that we could deploy across all of our brands all sizes of properties all types of properties and we were looking for a solution that had interoperability with a wide array of equipment that we had out there in the properties whether it was network equipment from Cisco from HP and others or whether it was the guest room telephones which come from a handful of vendors we also had products that took up a large fastest pace and or real estate within our properties that we needed to address and we needed something that was reliable that would be able to take us into the next generation of technologies Starwood is very very key on sustainability we promote it and we we we live it and some mitel helps us do that we started with my tail back in in 2022 when we went through an extensive RFP of all of the players in the market we had narrowed it down to three players again we were looking at history with IP capability current IP capability as well as the ability to evolve technology for the future that was one of the core benefits to adopting my tell is that we could actually plug it into our networks and have confidence that you already knew what the hospitality market place needed from a solution standpoint it's not as easy as everybody thanks we'll always expect products at work will expect to continue to have channel partners that can deliver those products and service those products and evolve with those products we're using the Mitel 3300 ICP in all hotels all shapes and sizes we're using the fifty five fifty console we're using in some cases the embedded voicemail we have some of the features that we value our the the caller ID especially for in-room dining and in in the console operators area on the infrastructure side we have Cisco and HP primarily in the environment and then we have a series of partners that prHSI a services to us with various gateways and requirements and communication challenges of their own that interoperability that might tell brings gives us some freedom with regards to our choices with what we interrupt with and what we deploy in our hotels whether it's a different guest room phone display phone a different manufacturers switch let me talk a bit about the Mitel hospitality specialists program the partners that are in that program these are partners that have worked with my tell to fully you know understand the requirements of the hospitality industry there are national partners so they have a reach into you know all of our 530 properties in North America one of star was other strategies is to move as many applications as we can above property or into a hosted environment or cloud and voice is one of those and we think it might tell is well positioned for that because they.


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Starwood is one of the best frequent stayer programs around . In wins awards every year for best program. Unlike other hotel programs, if you have points available and they have a room available that night, you can use your points to pay for your room.
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