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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Starwood preferred guest

Instructions and Help about Starwood preferred guest

Hey guys it's a passion from a snobby and today we are going to talk about whether it makes sense to keep the American Express SPG card or SPG business card given the merge in the changes to the cards for this I think this fundamentally two questions the first one is positive expected value and the second one is opportunity cost for me the changes to the program make it actually a lot easier to keep the card than before just because you are getting a free anniversary nights before yes the multiplier might have been slightly higher but beyond that you weren't getting a night this means that you needed to spend a lot of money for the cards of make any sense right now it's basically another keeper card in the sense that if you can get more value from that free night then the annual fee of the card it's going to make a ton of sense for every anniversary of you holding this card you do get a free anniversary night where you can spend it on any property up to thirty five thousand points one of the really big benefits of this merge is that you have a lot more properties to choose from so again initially was just myriad it was kind of more constraint because you didn't have as many choices but now you have a ton of them for this type of stuff I'd recommend looking into it yourself as well just because your situations going to be different I'll leave some thorough instructions in the blog post down below but the idea is that you want to go to that website and then filter by the number of points it's going to take in the future and then go a few pages down and it should hit thirty five thousand points technically speaking anything lower than thirty five thousand points is also going to be fine so again let's say you want to stay somewhere that's twenty five thousand points if you're getting positive expected value that still works out one final thing to is that this program is going to kind of slightly change in the future once they implements kind of the surge pricing so peak and off-peak pricing meaning that you might be able to stay once you're higher or once you're lower depending on when you're looking to travel for now though based off the current program what we're going to talk about is how it's going to work for our bets for me I'm going to go through a few examples of places I would personally stay and we can see whether we're going to get positive expected value so again go into the page if we show 300 results per page we're going to start seeing Knights at places we can stay at on this and page again anything from page 2 onwards all the way up to page 23 is going to.


What does the Marriott purchase of Starwood mean for the Starwood Preferred Guest program?
As a Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum 100 member, I have 2 sides of responses.The official response from VP of SPG Program on the announcement of the acquisition by Marriott Hotels has been entirely positive and reassuring. SPG has stated that the program benefits will be in no way diluted and will be expanded to incorporate the very best of what Marriott has to offer. In current standing, there are no immediate changes to both Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest.Personally, I chose SPG over all other hoteliers rewards program more than a decade ago and has been loyal to Starwood because of the following benefits:Non-complicated straightforward rewards tiering (Preferred/Corporate, Gold & Platinum).Starwood hotels, especially Category 5 and above properties acknowledge even Preferred/Corporate tier well (at least in Asia). 4PM late checkouts are almost always available.Feedback both positive and negative is taken seriously, even before Starwood implemented NetPromoter Scores, if you take the time to prfeedback, you will almost always get an acknowledgement, response or action as a result.Redemption, upgrades and no black out dates are ultimately what all loyalty programs should be. Other loyalty programs brag about the same but when it comes time to cash in your redemption, there are roadblocks and no straightforward acceptances.These are what the majority of SPG members expect and also receive widely. I will not propagate the additional benefits at Gold, Platinum 50, Platinum 75 and Platinum 100. They are documented on Starwood Hotels & Resorts and is easily accessible.As long as Starwood maintains and not dilute the expectations they have set the industry standard for, the acquisition and merger with Marriott will continue to serve the benefits of loyal guests ahead. Hoteliers are now ever more challenged by new market leaders like Airbnb. As long as they continue to lift the game, they will find a niche acceptance in the market for their premium pricing.
Do Starwood Preferred Guest points expire if there is no activity? If so, how much time does it take?
Gus , your answer is false, false, false and false.  SPG points expire and they will NOT notify you.   It will happen when you least expect it....like right when you chose to stay at one of their hotels and all of sudden your points do not work.   They expire after 1 year.  I know because they just expired mine and I called.  They told me to read the terms on their website.  I told them I didn't know I was in a legal contract, I thought I was just trying to be loyal as in a Loyalty card program?   what a scam this is....?  I hate them and I feel scammed.  Better to just use priceline to book hotels then try to build loyalty with these thieves....whoever thought of this on thier side must be crazy.  On top of this, I had to stay there at Sheraton 3.5 star but it was under construction and was more like a 2.5 star.
Is the knowledge of the Starwood Preferred Guest program's concierge linked to the Starwood Hotels local concierges?
I can’t be 100% certain that it is the case for the SPG program. But for any Concierge who has clients staying at a nice (4/5star) hotel would use the Concierge for their requests if necessary. Especially if the Concierge has no connection locally.For the best Concierge, if you have connections, you could even call one of the Concierge in your circle. Collaboration is everything in the Concierge Industry.Coming back to the subject, my understand is that it works as two separate entity but will contribute to each other success. Both entity having advantages and benefits. The SPG program might have partnership on a more global scale when it comes to car rental, ticketing, flight tickets. etc. When the local hotel Concierge will have a better knowledge of the local area and more resources on the ground.At Ask PAM, we believe in collaboration and that is why we developed one of the largest community for local Concierges from around the world. AskPam
What is the best way to use Starwood Preferred Guest points if you don't want to redeem points for hotel stays?
In addition to the miles conversion (only worth it if you're getting the 5K bonus for converting 20K points), you can bid on unique experiences they call "moments."These can range from VIP seating at concerts with an opportunity to meet the performer to special multi-course tasting menus with famous chefs to tickets to movie premiers. The moments tend to go for a substantial amount of points as they are auctioned off.
Starwood Preferred Guest (loyalty program): What services should one ask for from a hotel butler?
I’ve stayed at the St. Regis and their butlers are adequate. You can ask them for anything that is legal….ANYTHING as long as you can afford it. Need/Want Kenyan Roses for your darling? 24 hours notice and they are there (fresh from Nairobi) How about fresh Sushi from Tsukiji fish market for dinner? Done. Every mundane task you can think of when you get to a hotel can be handled. Unpack the suitcase, press your things, shine shoes, etc. My ‘routine• is about the same when I arrive. Since I’ve stayed with them before they know my ‘habits• if you are staying for the first time, don’t hesitate to e-mail ahead of time and let them know what you need done. When I get there the Butler meets me if they know about when I’m arriving. I get checked in, in a jiffy, If it’s between 3–6pm they know to have a small pitcher of Martinis ready. The Butler serves the drinks while I unwind and he unpacks and we talk about what my plans are for the evening. Do I need reservations for dinner or a car to take me there perhaps? They take care of all the details so I can relax or work sans booze. After I return I always stop at the front desk and have the Butler meet me at the room to deal with my suit that I’ve worn and my shoes. If I was out smoking cigars with the Boys, my clothes stink and that needs to be cleaned and shoes polished. I tell him when to wake me up and what I want for breakfast. Water is placed next to the bed so I can take my meds if needed. The problem is once you get used to having a Butler, you never what to give them up. They are a necessity for any busy person.
How does the Hyatt Gold Passport rank for hotel loyalty programs?
I’ve been a Gold Passport Diamond on nights every year since 1999 or 2000.  I have also been Starwood Preferred Guest (Lifetime) Platinum on nights and Hilton Diamond (nights) and Marriott Gold (nights) for the same 17 or so consecutive years.You should consider what you want to get out of the program.  This will guide your choices.  For me, a 365-day business traveler, my only priority is the best sleep tonight.  Hyatt offers reliably good hotels, from the Places and Houses to the Regencys and Grands.  (I don’t spend more than about ten nights a year in Andazs and Parks, it is business travel, after all. Money matters.)  Fitness centers (“StayFit”) are consistently okay-or-better.  I don’t care about points or free nights, to the extent I get them they, of course, go to my employer.  The breakfast benefit sometimes has a little value, though my work days usually start too early and I’m strict vegetarian, obviously everyone gets the same breakfast at Houses and Places.  I do care about customer service when I need to do something by phone or online, here Hyatt is mostly top-notch.  Front desk staff seem to have been hotel educated to a little higher standard.Where Hyatt suffers by comparison is coverage.  There are none, for instance in non-Disney Africa.  There are other big gaps around the world, though an abundance in the People’s Republic of China.  So where you go matters.  Hilton and Marriott offer better coverage, including in small-town USA.In the final analysis, Hyatt comes out as my top choice, but I need many more hotel choices to fill in the gaps.
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