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Should I be loyal to Marriott or Starwood?
The real answer is that it's about personality and how often you're going to be staying at a hotel in the future. If you are going to be making your stays in a specific area, I would also look at that area as to the number of properties of each brand -- some areas are more heavily one or the other, and that could and should influence your decision. IN SHORT: Marriott's program rewards those travelers with a greater amount of stays. The best programs start at 50 nights/year. Starwood's mid-tier, by contrast, starts at 16 nights/year.Starwood's focus is on unique, exciting, and "hip" properties, often themed by location. Marriott's focus is hotels that are consistent worldwide, with some subtle influence by location.AT LENGTH: As someone who's worked for both Starwood and Marriott properties, there is one small thing that needs to be said. While it's true that Starwood's focus is on the uniqueness of their properties -- successful or not, that's what they work to achieve -- it's a bit cruel to say that Marriott's focus is just for those "too lazy" to look for something else. What Marriott focuses on -- again, successful or not -- is consistency. Do you want to be sure that you'll always know that your room will be clean? Do you want to be sure that you'll always know where and how to check in, that you'll get treated courteously and cheerfully? Is it important to you that the room be large and / comfortable, instead of a small decorated box? Obviously, for some people that "trendiness" is important, they love staying at a hotel that has a nightclub on top (The W's), or somewhere that feels like a stay at a modern art museum (Le Meridien). Power to you! However, there are others who aren't amused when they come back to a hotel after a day of meetings and discover a DJ pumping music up in the lobby (The W's again, every day at sunset), or travel often enough that having to figure out a "different" style of hotel every week is confusing and frustrating. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing one or the other, it's simply a matter of what suits your needs. Each chain deliberately caters to a very different market -- Starwood to those that appreciate and are willing to sort through their wonderfully different brands, hotels, and locations, Marriott to those to whom thoughtful and consistent service is more important than a trendy setting.
How has Marriott been handling the integration of the Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty programs?
Thanks for the A2A, in fact this is a good time to revisit my response of the initial announcement to acquire Starwood by Marriott (Noelle White's answer to What does the Marriott purchase of Starwood mean for the Starwood Preferred Guest program?). Time flies, it is nearly 3 years as the majority of integration has now been completed.With some insider knowledge, hopefully my response is a bit more informative and eye opening for those who are interested. Unfortunately, this is going to be more negative than intended.As of now, 15th September 2022. Marriott is still working out the kinks and integration challenges, for example had you stayed in any of the Marriott (this includes all Starwood properties), you may have an inaccurate activity statement of the actual nights, points, award status, upcoming reservations, past reservations, etc.There is no given statement on when this issue will be fixed, so if you are a tat short on points for something you are planning on using it for, you may have to call up to “escalate” for a solution in the mean time.SPG members were given a one-time 3X total point uplift in August 2022. apologies but this means it will also cost 3X more points to redeem anything you plan, there really is no free lunch and this is just a meaningless exercise for SPG members.Starwood had a more advanced reservation system before they were acquired which Marriott chose not to use, this has resulted in Starwood properties having to re-learn a more ancient reservation system, again resulting in loss or incorrect set of data on the most important information pertaining to guests details (Loyalty Importance, Stay Preferences) or worst (Lost, Unknown Bookings).Diluting the importance of the benefits of SPG program, this will come and is already happening. The recognition program will switch towards Marriott way of running loyalty which is entirely different to Starwood, expect to see less recognition overall, paying more (cash + points) for less, more restrictions with less flexibility, less benefits with the introduction of more tiers compared to SPG program.Come 2022. SPG will cease to exist entirely. There will be a consolidated loyalty program along the lines of Marriott something, you can also prepare to kiss goodbye to the great SPG mobile apps and SPG.com websites.Sure, I admit you do get access to significantly more properties than ever before across all budget and hotel categories. But were you complaining before the acquisition?Personally for me, nope. Lesser is more, quality over quantity. I loved the Starwood offerings of St Regis, W and Westin. More importantly the loyalty patronage that came with being a decade long SPG member.I had positive hopes from Marriott acquisition nearly 3 years ago, unfortunately as with everything, “Shareholder Value” is the most important corporate metric to Wall Street.With that, out goes the recognition of loyalty, along with the dismantling of what was a well-greased, well-ran Starwood program under the pretence statement of driving improvements and giving loyal guests more in return.No thanks, I would take the old Starwood Preferred Guest program any day and twice on Sunday.
How does the Marriott-Starwood data breach affects its technology partner Accenture?
I recently heard this through an article, connot remember the name, but it clearly mentioned that that the Data breach happened on the Client Side , not on the support side. Maybe it would be a conspiracy of some internal staff of Hotel. Also this data breach was happening since last 3–4 years where in sensitive information of public such as name, passport number, address, credit card info etc was stolen . There is still investigation going on for the responsible person of this leak after the investigation only we can say about the penalty. If the Software support company is involved in this in either of the way means it would led to huge penalty for the Company.also now the Accenture would enable some extra security, review current security status on how to prevent btuos type of incident further
What is the best rewards program for high status Starwood Preferred Guest members to transfer their points into prior to the Marriott merger?
Thanks for the A2A. One of the most valuable SPG redemption options is transferring to airline partners. The ratio is 1:1.25 for most airlines when transferring 2022. points at a time. Typically it is best to keep points in transferable reward currency like SPG, Ultimate Rewards, or Membership Rewards as long as possible. However, the uncertainty with the upcoming Marriott merger can be a reason to move the points out early. A Starpoint worth about 3.5 times as a Marriott point, and it will be a huge devaluation if Marriott decides to do a 1:1 conversion between the two currencies. Most likely there will be several months between a change announcement and the date it takes place. It is also possible for Marriott to adopt a better conversion ratio. But there is no guarantee, and therefore it is not a bad idea for people with a lot of Starpoints to offload some of them first to minimize the risk.There are over 30 airline transfer partners, and there are several factors when considering where to transfer the points to:Do not transfer to United due to its unfavorable ratio.Most frequent travelers should have 2~3 active programs. Choose among them.Do transfer to a mileage program that you will redeem awards within several years. Remember that the best redemption is usually business/first class ticket on international flights (except British Avios which is better for short hauls.)If you have multiple candidates that satisfies the above criteria, prefer the ones that are not Chase or Amex transfer partners.For me personally, I will transfer some of my Starpoints to Alaska. It has good set of non-Star-Alliance international partners, complementing my Chase Ultimate Rewards and United combo. I fly domestically mostly on Alaska. Most importantly, Alaska miles are harder to get through credit cards, since it's not transfer partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards, Amex Membership Rewards or Citi Thank you program.
Which Marriott or Starwood property is most convenient to the City Center of Amsterdam without being too expensive?
I wouldn't even think about spending 500 bucks a night at the Marriott in the centre (Stadhouderskade).Why go to one of the most charming cities in the world to surround yourself with the 5th rate charm of a chain hotel you can find in any US city..For the love of God, go out and investigate what this town has to offer in fine quality and affordable stays. Its not scary dirty or dangerous and you'll probably enjoy it more than the bloody Marriot.Good luck
How can I secure my data after Marriott (Westin, Sheraton, W) says its Starwood database was hacked affecting 500 million customers?
The only way you can secure your data on a private or public held company is to not use that company, you can buy monitoring software for your credit and contact information. Unless it is made painful to have a data breech most companies just keep going as usual. they might even employ insurance to assume the debt of loss of income or as a result of law suites from a data breech. BUT MOST TAKE THE FINANCIAL HIT AND TRY TO HAVE DUE DILIGENCE AGAINST BREECHES.
How does one get invited to the Quora Partner Program? What criteria do they use, or is it completely random?
I live in Germany. I got an invite to the Quora partner program the day I landed in USA for a business trip. So from what I understand, irrespective of the number of views on your answers, there is some additional eligibility criteria for you to even get an email invite.If you read the terms of service, point 1 states:Eligibility. You must be located in the United States to participate in this Program. If you are a Quora employee, you are eligible to participate and earn up to a maximum of $200 USD a month. You also agree to be bound by the Platform Terms (https://www.quora.com/about/tos) as a condition of participation.Again, if you check the FAQ section:How can other people I know .participate?The program is invite-only at this time, but we intend to open it up to more people as time goes on.So my guess is that Quora is currently targeting people based out of USA, who are active on Quora, may or may not be answering questions frequently ( I have not answered questions frequently in the past year or so) and have a certain number of consistent answer views.Edit 1: Thanks to @Anita Scotch, I got to know that the Quora partner program is now available for other countries too. Copying Anuta’s comment here:If you reside in one of the Countries, The Quora Partner Program is active in, you are eligible to participate in the program.” ( I read more will be added, at some point, but here are the countries, currently eligible at this writing,) U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Australia.11/14/2018Edit 2 : Here is the latest list of countries with 3 new additions eligible for the Quora Partner program:U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India and Brazil.Thanks to Monoswita Rez for informing me about this update.
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